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LL.COM Data Analysis

Feb 17,2019 21:44:07 PM PST

(Note: Information in this article is updated to 2019/2/1)


In this article, we are going to share you information about LL.com domains, including industries, countries of end users, registrars, registration dates, and some interesting findings.


There are 676 LL.com domains in the world, among which 378 domains, that is, 55.9% have been set up to websites, and 298 domains remain website undeveloped.



In addition to 5 personal websites, LK.com, MN.com, RL.com, UV.com, XQ.com, companies behind the other 373 domains are classified according to the sectors of Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS).


The followings capture Top 5 (contents within brackets are industry groups under each sector, listed for clear understanding):


² Information Technology (Software & Services, Technology Hardware & Equipment, Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment), 99 domains, account for 14.6%;

² Communication Services (Telecommunication Services, Media & Entertainment), 76 domains, account for 11.2%;

² Consumer Discretionary (Automobiles & Components, Consumer Durables & Apparel, Consumer Services, Retailing), 67 domains, account for 9.9%;

² Financials (Banks, Diversified Financials, Insurance), 63 domains, account for 9.3%

² Industrials (Capital Goods, Commercial & Professional Services, Transportation), 35 domains, account for 5.2%.

It is worth noted that 20 LL.com domains have joined the extremely hot blockchain and cryptocurrency industry:


The companies are mainly based in Singapore (7 domains, account for 35.0%) and China (5 domains, account for 20.0%).



378 LL.com end users are located in 27 countries (where the companies and private website owners are located, not “Registrant Country” in WHOIS).


Top 3 countries:


  1. 1. US (208 domains, account for 55.0%);

  2. 2. China (54 domains, account for 14.3%);

  3. 3. UK (46 domains, account for 12.2%).

Countries of end users


Top 4 registrars: Each of them is managing over 10% LL.com domains.

  1. 1. GoDaddy (116 domains, account for 17.2%);

  2. 2. Network Solutions (96 domains, account for 14.2%);

  3. 3. eName (83 domains, account for 12.3%);

  4. 4. CSC Corporate Domains (81 domains, account for 12%).


Other registrars (account for 12%) that aren’t listed detailedly in the chart below contain 50 registrars, each of them is managing 1~4 LL.com domain(s). Details can be checked in the attachment at the end of the article.



CI.com, DG.com, GE.com, HP.com, SQ.com, TI.com and UB.com were the oldest domains registered in 1986. Subsequently, the number of annual domain registration gradually increased, and peaked at 164 in 1995. After 1995, the number started to decrease. The latest one, CM.com, which points to CM TELECOM now, was registered in 2015, 12 years after 2003's QV.com and ZG.com. Why is CM.com so late? In fact, its initial registration happened far earlier than Jan 16th, 2015, the date in its WHOIS record. There was a wild story, DNW once reported.

Registration dates


We found out that some people have more than one LL.com domains.


² JN.com, JP.com, KD.com, QD.com, QN.com, TB.com

The addresses for the 6 domain point to a WeChat QR code picture of Chinese domainer Dai Yue, with words "The domain you (are) visiting is asking for sale", "Scan the QR code to add me as your WeChat contact". One domain, KD.com, was registered to Liu Chun Cheng, but not Dai Yue. They seem to have some sort of relationship. The other 5 domains are under WHOIS privacy.

Dai Yue

² AF.com, HB.com, LZ.com, ZN.com

The addresses for the 4 domains point to Leap of Faith Financial Services Inc., where George Kirikos is the President. They are all under WHOIS privacy.

Leap of Faith Financial Services Inc.

² LK.com, MN.com

The addresses for the 2 domains point to Paul Kocher's home page, which writes Paul is "an entrepreneur and researcher focused on cryptography and data security". They are both under WHOIS privacy.

Paul Kocher

LL.com list 20190201.xlsx